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“Down deep we want the best, that’s why we have been arranging great dive trips with Colleen (Sand Dollar Tours) for 10+ years.  I have had the unexpected happen a few times and that’s when Sand Dollar really shined.  It’s like having a ‘trip buddy’ making things go well.”


 -Kandie Stock-
State Park Dive Shop
Branson, MO



“The trip was good, im glad we went to volcano first we loved the rain forest. We wish we spent more time in Montezuma ,we really liked that resort,except the beaches we not so good for swimming there. We were also very pleased with the diving in playa Hermosa . the water was clear ,warm and calm. Great beaches for swimming as well. The people were very friendly and we got to enjoy a great party after costa Rica won there match at world cup. The whole town went crazy in coco beach. We spent a lot of time on SUV and scooter which was a ton of fun by itself, we ended up diving 3 dives instead of 2 the first couple of days which worked great because the third day of diving we went into deco  that has never happened to my before, and I learn a good leason . so we sat out the 4th day of diving, but we still got our 8 dives as scheduled.all the hotels were very nice and clean. We had a great time !!!!! Pura veda is a good word to describe our trip, thanks to you.”



"We had the very best time. Everything worked out so great. The room was perfectly located near the various elevators, the suite was nice, the service was great, food for the most part was good, entertainment was a riot. Tyler had a great time meeting kids, going to the youth center (or not) swimming. I enjoyed it even more than I thought I would, it was just great. Ate too much! Thanks again for your help, it was really great, the perfect amount of time to get away. We each did our own thing and would meet up, just wonderful. My mom said it was her best cruise and I am so happy she was there with us!"


Thx again!





Fiji -  Taveuni Resort:


Maybe we can add this to the comments sheet

"The resort and dive group were top notch.


The resort was perfect – the food, facilities, staff, etc. were superb.


The diving was very well done, with a good boat, great people, dive master for each small group (just for us).  


Overall, great vacation."






Everything was wonderful.

The Resort was lovely (food, accommodations, staff – all 5-star)

The Dive Center – equally wonderful – expert staff – knew the dive sites well - 5–star


We also cannot thank you enough for the thoughtful Tazmanian sparkling wine, which we all happily enjoyed to celebrate our stay and anniversaries.


As an aside, the United to Fiji Airline connections were flawless – less layover time, bags checked all the was through on way over – just for future reference (I think the Allfords were not keen on the long layover in LA)


Thank you again for making us life-long happy memories!!!"


-Mary Fran-






"My friend Alice and I arrived Oct 18, 2105 and spent 13 days with Mustafa driving us through your amazing country.  First of all Mustafa gave us important and interesting information.  Each day he would add to our knowledge of Morocco, the people, the food and customs.  We really appreciated him giving us the confidence to explore the areas after he dropped us at the Riad for the day.  He was an excellent driver and excellent companion.  We laughed a lot.  There are so many fond memories of our trip it’s hard to organize my thoughts.  Without a doubt the favorite was Skoura Oasis.  The palm groves took my breath away!  Ksar- El Kabbaba is one of the loveliest spots on earth. Traveling through towns and city watching  the Moroccan people working, going to school and doing their daily business was a pleasure beyond description.  Everywhere went people were nice to us.  Seeing camels roam free and then riding a camel was just a kick.  Having the quiet of the Sahara was unique.  Our weather was perfect the whole time were visiting.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!"

-Pam Haskell-


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