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Sau Bay - Fiji

Sau Bay Resort is located in the southeastern-most area of Fiji's second-largest island of Vanua Levu. With its wonderful location, Sau Bay is sheltered from waves and storms and creates a unique ecosystem. The bay offers a truly serene feeling and a chance to unplug and get away from it all.

Where: Sau Bay Resort is on Fiji's island Vanua Levu. Fiji, officially the Republic of Fiji, is an island country in Melanesia, part of Oceania in the South Pacific Ocean. It lies about 1,100 nautical miles north-northeast of New Zealand. Fiji consists of an archipelago of more than 330 islands, of which about 110 are permanently inhabited—and more than 500 islets, amounting to a total land area of about 7,100 sq mi.

Fact: Fiji has a traditional/national drink known as Kava. The primary ingredient in Kava is the ground root of a plant that belongs to the pepper family. Fiji citizens believe that the drink has numerous medicinal qualities, such as treating insomnia, headaches, and stress.

Language: Fiji is one of the few nations with three official languages - English, Fijian, and Fiji Hindi. English is one of the subjects taught within the Fiji education system which ensures the country's residents can converse in the language. A large number of English speakers in Fiji makes it easy for tourists to communicate with the residents. With nearly 200 different dialects, Fijian has more dialects spoken on the island than any of the other official languages.

Foodie: Prepare Yourself for an Immersive Dining Experience at Sau Bay. Your "dining room" is a waterfront table where you experience the sounds of nature while enjoying exquisite Fijian-inspired cuisine, handcrafted cocktails, and a selection of wines from California, Australia, and Europe.

Activities/Attractions: Scuba Diving, Dive Courses, Snorkeling, Fishing, Paddleboarding, Sailing, Nature Walks, Hiking, Kayaking, Pear Farm Tour, and Somosomo Spa.


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