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Jardin Escondido - Argentina

Located in Palermo Soho, one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, is the lush, green oasis of Jardin Escondido. Boasting three levels of gardens, a solar-heated pool, an outdoor kitchen and parrilla, and a beautiful terrace surrounded by plants of all kinds, Jardin Escondido is its own hidden paradise. If you’ve dreamed of a South American destination where a vibrant cultural scene is balanced with a peaceful escape, the excellent staff at Jardin Escondido awaits to make your dream a reality.

Where: Buenos Aires officially the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, is the capital and primate city of Argentina. The city is located on the western shore of the Río de la Plata, on South America's southeastern coast.

Fact: "Buenos Aires" is Spanish for "fair winds" or "good airs.

Language: Spanish is the official language.

Foodie: Enjoy classic Argentine cuisine as their amazing chef prepares delightful meals. Everything from Argentine BBQ, wine & cheese to morning pastries!

Activities/Attractions: Tours, Sightseeing, Teatro Colon.


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