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Hopkins Bay Resort, a Muy'Ono - Belize

Ideally situated at the edge of Belize on the Caribbean Sea, stay in the heart of the cozy Garifuna village of Hopkins. Voted the friendliest city in Belize, Hopkins is known as the real Belize. If you want an authentic experience in Belize, welcome home.

Where: Belize is a diverse Central American country that sits along the coast of the Caribbean Sea with Mexico and Guatemala bordering the nation.

Fact: Locals call the nation “the Jewel” thanks to its rich historical Mayan ruins filled with tales and treasures of the past, and exotic jungle wildlife.

Language: English is Belize’s official language, but Creole is spoken by most residents.

Foodie: Taste the many flavors of the Caribbean, influenced by Garifuna’s rich cultural heritage. All ingredients are harvested from Muy’Ono Farms and surrounding villages. You can also walk to a number of restaurants in Hopkins or book a private Garifuna chef (must book a two or three-bedroom beach house).

Activities/Attractions: Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Reef & Fly Fishing, Jungle Tours, Kayaks, Bicycles, Paddleboarding, Beach & Pool, and Inland Adventures.


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