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Harbour Village - Bonaire

Tucked away on a private stretch of white sand and palm trees, you will find Harbour Village Beach Club. An oasis beloved by sun lovers, scuba divers, and seafarers alike. The boutique Bonaire retreat captures the warm elegance of the Dutch Caribbean, friendly people, crystal-clear waters and as an array of outdoor activities.

Where: Bonaire is a Dutch island of 111 sq miles in the Leeward Antilles, located in the Caribbean Sea.

Fact: Bonaire is the sister island to Aruba and Curacao…they are known as the ABC islands.

Language: Dutch is the official language, but don’t worry they speak English too!

Foodie: Experience seaside dining at their LaBalandra Restaurant & Bar. Imaginative cuisine mixed with fresh, in-season ingredients that are delivered right to the restaurant's dock.

Activities/Attractions: Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Pool, Private Beach, Kayaking, Marina, The Spa at Harbour Village


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