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Airlines are changing their schedules frequently. Always reconfirm directly with the airline at least 24 hours in advance to be sure of times and weather conditions.
Always make sure to read the supplier booking and cancellation policies. If you book a vacation either on-line or by calling in you need to be aware that various cancellation penalties are imposed by airlines, vacation companies and us. They get bigger the closer you get to the trip.

Sand Dollar Tours is a wholesale tour company that specializes in Scuba Diving Travel and we are beginning our 16 year of service to the fastest growing recreational activity in America.


Sand Dollar is a One Stop Shopping approach to a dive vacation. One toll free call or a visit to our web site takes care of all of your arrangements. Sand Dollar Tours is committed to providing excellent service while specializing in group travel vacations. We offer the same service for individual travelers as well as groups.


We realize the importance of every detail of your trip itinerary and know that you expect the best value as well as the best dive travel experience!

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